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Getting to know Tracie, it is easy to see that she is very passionate about what she does.  A lot of time, effort and love goes into each piece of art she produces.  Our experience working with Tracie has been nothing but positive…fromstart to finish.  Tracie really took the time to get to know what makes our family tick and the things that interested us.  We talked about what keeps us occupied during the week & over weekends.  She really wanted to find out what we like to do with the time spent in our family home, and what kind of feeling/environment we like our home to have.

We could tell from the beginning it was really important that Tracie got a good idea of what we wanted, the colours we liked and the space where the art would be featured in our home.

We couldn’t be happier with what Tracie produced for us.  We really love it! It gives our living room character and the bold colours really make a statement.

We have no hesitation in recommending Tracie to any of our friends & family, and anybody else for that matter that is considering purchasing a piece of artwork from Tracie.  The art that she produces is wonderful and her work ethic is second-to-none.  She is professional, friendly, caring and above all really listens to what the client wants.

Thank you Tracie.

Belinda & Gavin Faulkner

Art Changes Your Decor…And Your Energy

“Art is a vehicle for connecting with your joy, your pain, the world around you.  An artist has done their job when you feel something when you look at a piece…whether you like it or dislike it…all artwork elicits emotion. And emotion is what connects us.” – Tracie Eaton

When you buy art for your home or office, being aware of what ambiance or energy you want in that room is essential.

Your home is your sanctuary, and needs to feel like it.  Your office is the place you not only spend a lot of time in, but is a high energy & productive space.

Whether you want an energetic, invigorating space or a calm & relaxing one, the right piece of art helps you shape the way people feel when they are in any given room.  The right art in your home or office not only reflects you, but what you want – in business and life.

To achieve the look and feel you want, the four key factors to consider when you’re buying art for your home or office are: Colour (colour changes the way we feel), Size (too big…it’s too imposing, too small…it disappears), Style (do you like photos…abstract…modern…traditional) & Resonance (how much you like it).

Having a clear idea what you like goes a long way in ensuring you buy a piece of art that not only works in your decor, but that you will love forever.

Using Colour Strategically.

Tracie Eaton works strategically with colour.  Personal experiences have shown her just how much of an impact colour has on your life, your home and your office environments. Deciding to use particular colours in your home or office decor may simply be because ‘it’s modern’ or ‘its your favourite colour.  However, there is always a subconscious resonance and energy felt when you look at colours.  More often than not, when you are drawn to a colour it is because it is giving you something you need….even though you often do not even realise it.

Tracie Eaton uses this knowledge when creating artwork…particularly when painting a Commissioned artwork that is created specifically for a person or environment.  The science of using colour to heal or in therapy has been around since the 1800’s.  To get a broad sense of what colours represent and why you may be more drawn to one than another, click on the colour names below.

White | Black | Gray | Silver | Gold | Copper | Indigo | Blue | Light Blue | Magenta | Pink | Purple | Yellow | Orange | Light Orange | Red | Brown | Light Brown | Cream/Ivory | Turquoise | Green | Yellow-Green

Tracie Eaton is just a call or email away…

Discuss your art requirements or to book Gold Coast Artist Tracie Eaton as guest speaker at your next event.  Tracie has spoken and completed live art demonstrations with multiple charities supporting such things as domestic violence, assertiveness, body image, children support groups. Talk with her today about how she may assist you.

Tracie Eaton – Artist, Speaker, Entrepreneur   |   Studio: 32 Essen Place, Oxenford, QLD, 4210   |   Ph. 07 5530-1217   |   Opening Hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, Weeknights & Weekends – by appointment

Services for Residential & Commercial Clients: Commissioned Art, Original Modern Art, Reproductions, Corporate Workshops, Body Art

“You only get one life.  We are all born with a unique talent, a mind that wants to explore possibilities.  And for many of us…a desire to inspire, to make a difference.

For me, my opportunity to inspire change, to invigorate… to make that difference…is through my art.  The energy each piece of art has is different.  Art makes us FEEL… makes us CONNECT.   This energy has the potential to change your environment, to change how you feel when you look at a piece.

If I can inspire just one person to take the chance to live their dream, to change their circumstance, to change how they feel – I have found success”.

Tracie Eaton

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