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Tracie Eaton’s work is amazing! We have purchased a stunning piece which sits in the reception of our office, and is a talking point when clients come in. We are thrilled to be the owners of a Tracie Eaton original, and are currently discussing our next creation by Tracie. Simply stunning work!

“Breathtaking” is just that! Thank you Tracie for creating this magical piece, we absolutely love this in our home. I have found myself just staring in awe of the calm and warming nature this piece brings. Truly something special.

“Tracie created a magical piece for us.  It was so exciting to receive this 2.8m masterpiece today.  Tracie absolutely “got” what we had in mind and created it…perfect for our new sea change home.”

“I purchased ‘Motherly Love’ (a painting of a mother and baby elephant) from you in 2009.  I now have a 4 year old grandson & long before he turned one “Emmie” the elephant became his favourite animal/toy.  It still is today, and I find so much joy in the connection between my love for him, his love for elephants and our combined love of your very soul empowering Motherly Love – none of which is a coincidence to me.  And I just know you will understand this at a level deep within you, that surprisingly so many never experience.

Your painting has been so loved and spoken about over the years and still takes pride in my home, and always will.  Thank you so very much for creating a pathway through your beautiful and soulful creativity that has given me so much joy since.  I am forever grateful.  I would love to thank you personally for your amazing input into my life, my family, and my home.”

“Getting to know Tracie, it is easy to see that she is very passionate about what she does.  A lot of time, effort and love goes into each piece of art she produces.  Our experience working with Tracie has been nothing but positive…fromstart to finish.  Tracie really took the time to get to know what makes our family tick and the things that interested us.  We talked about what keeps us occupied during the week & over weekends.  She really wanted to find out what we like to do with the time spent in our family home, and what kind of feeling/environment we like our home to have.

We could tell from the beginning it was really important that Tracie got a good idea of what we wanted, the colours we liked and the space where the art would be featured in our home.

We couldn’t be happier with what Tracie produced for us.  We really love it! It gives our living room character and the bold colours really make a statement.

We have no hesitation in recommending Tracie to any of our friends & family, and anybody else for that matter that is considering purchasing a piece of artwork from Tracie.  The art that she produces is wonderful and her work ethic is second-to-none.  She is professional, friendly, caring and above all really listens to what the client wants.

Thank you Tracie.”

I have just finished completing an art workshop with Tracie Eaton where I wanted to create a piece for my own home. As an interior decorator I’m usually focused on my client’s art & decor so it was great that it was my turn. Tracie’s confident & calming teaching style allowed me to get in the zone for hours of creation. Tracie was supportive & guided me well through the whole process. Being a first-time ‘artist’ I really wanted Tracie’s advise on what to put where & when to stop. She was helpful but was conscious not to interfere saying “It’s up to you”. Now that I’m done I want to do another & I highly recommend Tracie’s art workshops for those who want a special piece that they can be part of, and proud of. Tracie, you are a true professional & it is an honour working with you.

“Passionate is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Tracie.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for over 3 years during which, she was in the throws of hosting her first exhibition whilst supporting others through their start ups, no mean feat!

Above all, I was impressed with her ability to think strategically, balance business with creativity, her knowledge of colours and diving deep with you to understand who you are, and what you might want from a piece of her work is outstanding.

Buying a piece of Eaton now is a must for anybody interested in art investment, she is one to watch and admire.

She really knows her stuff and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

“Smart, savvy and personable, Tracie was born to paint.  While she is equally at home in the boardroom as in the studio, Tracie’s true passion can be found on the canvas where her artistic expresson and creativity come to life.

Her artworks are unique, distinctive, one-off pieces that are created with the buyer in mind.  Tracie is a pleasure to work with.

I would recommend her and her art to anyone with a warm heart, and an eye for beauty.”

“Magical art from a magical person.  Bringing art into real life and creating it for a real purpose.  Highly recommend, especially the custom pieces.”

“Authentic, gifted woman living into her True Purpose.”

“My day with Tracie at the one on one Art workshop was simply fantastic.  I had so much fun!  And to add to this I learned so much! My learnings translated across to my personal and business life.  Thank you so much!”

“Tracie Eaton has an amazing talent coupled with drive and the much respected ability to connect with everybody.  I love what she does as it is evident that she loves what she does.”

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Exclusive Artist for giftbags celebrating nominees & winners of Golden Globes 2019 | Academy Awards (Oscars) 2019, 2020, 2021 | Australian Logies 2019.

Recent Tracie Eaton Originals.

Latest Artwork Projects.

Commercial Custom Artwork – Personalised & Exclusive.

Tracie Eaton is highly sought after to create personalised artworks for business environments, including the Tourist Accommodation, and the Residential Accommodation Developments sectors.

Providing a unique value proposition in the marketplace is essential to stand above your competitors.  And to create an environment your guests & buyers will remember and refer on.

Working with the Tracie Eaton brand, and installing Tracie Eaton Originals and Fine Art Reproductions ensures your vision for your development & your brand is enhanced, and communicated to your clients.

Tracie Eaton’s Artistic Consultancy service &process enables Tracie and her team to understand your style, your brand values, your decor, your target market, the energy of your resort or hotel.  And to tailor a solution that meets your specific requirements.

Your Custom Artwork will reflects your development’s vision.  Combining this with Tracie Eaton’s  raw, passionate style & inspired creativity brings your vision to life.

 You can be very confident you will LOVE your Customised artworks.  In fact, Tracie considers it essential you do, so all Tracie Eaton Artworks come with a  Guarantee.  If you are not in love with your Custom Artwork, Tracie will paint you another to replace it.

And don’t worry…whilst Tracie Eaton is based in the Gold Coast, Custom Artworks can be created for your development,  where ever it is. Book your desired artwork and acrylic paintings Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

Commercial Clients.

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Art – A Luxurious, Elegant Purchase.

“Art is a vehicle for connecting with your joy, your pain, the world around you.  An artist has done their job when you feel something when you look at a piece…whether you like it or dislike it…artwork elicits emotion. And emotion is what connects us.” – Tracie Eaton

When you buy art for your home, being aware of what ambiance or energy you want in that room is essential.

A luxurious, elegant purchase, your new artwork creates not only a statement in your space, but a talking piece with all who view it.

Whether you want an energetic, invigorating space or a calm & relaxing one, the right piece of art helps you shape the way people feel when they are in any given room.  The right art for you is a reflection of you.

To achieve the look and feel you want, the four key factors to consider when you’re buying art are: Colour, SizeStyle & Resonance.

Having a clear idea what you like goes a long way in ensuring you invest in Original Art that not only works in your decor, but that you will love forever.

Using Colour Strategically.

Tracie Eaton works strategically with colour.  Life & business experiences have shown her just how much of an impact colour has on your life, your business, your home and your office environments. Deciding to use particular colours in your home or office decor may simply be because ‘it’s modern’ or ‘its your favourite colour.  However, there is always a subconscious resonance and energy felt when you look at colours.  More often than not, when you are drawn to a colour it is because it is giving you something you need….even though you often do not even realise it.

Tracie Eaton uses this knowledge when creating artwork…particularly when painting a personalised & Custom Artwork that is created specifically for her clients.   Her book How Good Can You Stand It gives you an understanding of colour meanings and our associated responses.  To get a broad sense of what colours represent and why you may be more drawn to one than another, click on the colour names below.

White | Black | Gray | Silver | Gold | Copper | Indigo | Blue | Light Blue | Magenta | Pink | Purple | Yellow | Orange | Light Orange | Red | Brown | Light Brown | Cream/Ivory | Turquoise | Green | Yellow-Green