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Tracie Eaton is a Gold Coast based Artist who has been creating unique art for over 11 years.  Tracie has been selling internationally much of that time, with offers of gallery representation in the US.

Colour and the impact colour has on us is something that Tracie is passionate about & one of the key influences in her decision to become an artist.  Tracie incorporates the use of colour in her business ventures, into her home, and into her interactions with others.

Colour creates energy, people respond to colours subconsciously and Tracie loves this about art.  Colour…and art…elicit emotion, helping you all Feel Something..helping you connect…inspiring action.

Tracie is also a business woman.  With 20 years in corporate sales, and then running her own Digital Marketing Company Tracie is an example of the fusion of  creativity and business.  And this combination of skills and mindset is essential to create an innovative, market leading organisation, artwork & an experience you will always love and remember.

Tracie’s art is raw, passionate, sensual.  She adores texture, bold colours, bold design. Tracie’s artwork definitely appeals to those who want to create an ambiance that is not forgotten. Or if you are looking for that unique piece that totally resonates with or represents your unique personality!

Tracie is also absolutely passionate about ensuing women of all ages understand the beauty and power that lies within.  So often in her life she was been in situations where creativity and feminine power has been inhibited.  And in different stages of life, we can all feel we have ‘lost ourselves’. Tracie is driven to inspire other women to stand up, strive for dreams and make a difference.  So much so many of her community initiatives, her charity work and her art is geared around supporting this change.

Tracie has two key life mantras:  “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Brillant”…and “Never Listen to Those Who Say You Can’t!”

Tracie has lived on the Gold Coast for 12 years with her husband.  The beach is her sanctuary, her healing place.  She gains her inspiration from connection & her environment.  And in a world that is increasingly becoming disconnected, Tracie’s art draws out the feelings & connection we all crave…love, friendship, touch, being one with each other and nature.

Acrylic & Mixed Media

Tracie Eaton uses acrylic paint as her primary medium.  Acrylic is incredibly versatile & durable…you can create the look of watercolours & oils, can airbrush & pour.  This means your choice of finish is pretty much endless!

To add that real 3-D feeling to her paintings, Tracie adds anything she can.  You name it…plaster, molding compounds, sand, glass, eggshells, tissue paper, twigs, twine, glitter…she has probably used it!  Her unique textured style is inspired by the very many textures everywhere in nature.  All Tracie Eaton’s artworks highlight the different feelings & effects you see, by combining textures and colours to create high impact.

Tracie’s artworks are not reproduced.  You are guaranteed a unique, original artwork  that only you will own.

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