Art for Rescue

Fundraising for Destiny Rescue to save children from a life of sexual exploitationa and sex trafficking.

Eradicating Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children.

Tracie Eaton founded Art for Rescue, an approved fundraising organisation for Destiny Rescue to use art and creativity to create real and authentic change for children trapped in a life of sexual exploitation.

At the core of all Art for Rescue fundraising activities is the creative telling of stories.  Stories of children rescued by Destiny Rescue.   Stories of people dedicating their lives to helping others. Stories of people who have triumphed despite trauma.

Join Tracie in building this movement to ensure the tough conversations are had.  That we collectively shine a light on this abhorant behaviour.  That together we show that sex trafficking and sexual exploitation is not accepted.

And, that every single person’s life is valuable.

Art for Rescue Events

Destiny Gala

Date: Saturday 8th June 2024

The Destiny Gala is the first of the Art for Rescue events. Immerse yourself in a creative, passionate evening bringing together creative professionals and like-minded people passionate about creating change.

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The Journey

The Journey

Date: Monday 10th June 2024

Tracie Eaton travels QLD for 8wks, with events in 8 cities, sharing the work of Destiny Rescue.  Painting live, hearing peoples life stories, sharing her own.  All to raise awareness and funds to rescue children.

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The Stories

Date: Saturday 9th November

A heartfelt, emotive exhibition of artwork inspired the stories of children rescued and people interviewed throughout The Journey.  It celebrates triumph, hope and living a free and joyous life of our choosing.

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The Oscars

Date: March 2025

Raising awareness of Destiny Rescue internationally, Oscar nominees will be provided fine art prints of  artworks from The Stories at a private gifting evening, followed by a 2 week exhibition of all orginal artworks in LA.

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250 Children, 50 Raids

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It takes $2000 to perform a rescue and $10,000 to facilitate a raid, where mulitple people are rescued at once and the illegal premises shut down.

Your donation helps us to achieve our goal of funding 250 individual rescues and 50 establishment raids.

By working together we can create a cultural change that clearly says NO.  No to exploitation. No to powerlessness.  And YES to a life of freedom.

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Become a Sponsorship Partner

We are looking for partners to become sponsors of one or all of the Art for Rescue events.  Contact Tracie Eaton today to discuss current partnership options.