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Creating Art to Support Mental Health Awareness

Supporting Emerging Artists, Talking about Mental Health.

It is not often we have the opportunity to openly explore and discuss the impact and prevalence of mental health. And it was with great pleasure that Tracie Eaton donated her time and artwork to be involved in Anglicare’s Arts & Minds Project.

Arts & Minds Project paired 5 emerging artists with 5 established artists for an 8 hour painting challenge. Two strangers, meeting for the first time. With a brief to create two pieces of art.

Tracie Eaton was paired with Liz Pepper (Colour of October). The inspiration word for Tracie and Liz to create their artworks around was ‘hidden’.

The creative process, the conversations and interactions throughout the day was filmed by Arts & Minds. Tracie Eaton & Liz were set up so each could not see the others creation. The artwork was to be completed within that day, with a final review at the end of the day.

All filming was followed by a charity auction of all created artworks  a month later. All proceeds of the artworks donated to help continue raise awareness of Mental Health.

The fusion of art & the creative process into raising discussions around mental health is a fantastic mix. The creative process helps to relax and unlock conversations. It assists with fostering connection to self and others.

Tracie Eaton & Liz Pepper continue to interact on a regular basis.

For more details about this amazing project, visit the Anglicare website


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