Artwork Projects & Commissions

Browse through some of Tracie Eaton’s residential & commercial commission artwork projects.

Your Vision Bought to Life

Investing in a piece of artwork is a big decision.  Your new painting is something you should LOVE.

Tracie Eaton is passionate about ensuring that when you commission her to paint you an artwork, series of artworks or large commission artwork project, that it becomes not only a statement, but a reflection of you.

Something you can tell the story of. Something that resonates with you or your brand. Something that is a part of your journey.

Make Artwork Your First Decision

For so many developments – residential or commercial, art tends to be one of the last decisions made. Your painting is treated simply as another pretty décor item – like a new couch, table or decorative lamp.

This mindset is doing you and your space a significant dis-service. Artwork needs to be one of the FIRST things you decide upon when you are reviewing decor. Not only does artwork shape how an environment feels, but it is also, unlike furnishings, an exclusive, appreciating asset.

‘Catalogue’ artwork may look attractive, but it is devoid of impact, of energy, of emotion. It is simply another piece of furniture, and likely one you will replace. When you choose your new painting with help, or commission a painting to be created especially for you, it is a considered, engaging investment. One you will be emotionally connected to, proud to talk about, & happy to view every day. Plan to have your new artwork for many years.

Tracie Eaton’s Art Project Consultation process ensures the creation of your new artwork is an experience you will remember. You are directly involved throughout the creation process, as much as you choose to be. Your project is managed end to end, from creation to installation. Talk to us about your imagined artwork in Brisbane & get it in few days

Engaging Tracie Eaton early in your project development cycle ensures a seamless, engaging artwork integration.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia but available for commission projects globally. 

Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Artwork Creating Luxury
Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Tracie Eaton Oscars Collection 2021 Art Exhibition
Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork Renovated
Tracie Eaton Modern Art
Local on Tedder Tracie Eaton
Serenity Tracie Eaton Contemporary Artwork
Tracie Eaton Oscars Collection 2021 Art Exhibition
Open Haven Tracie Eaton Artwork Charity
Cavill Lane Tracie Eaton Art Project
Tracie Eaton Oscars Collection 2021 Art Exhibition
Fish Tank Commissioned Artwork
JImmy Dean Blue Commissioned Artwork
Paradise Kids Commissioned Artwork
The Oscars Collection
Creating Calm Artwrok Project Tracie-Eaton
Elite Hotel Commissioned Artwork
The Ruby Collection Commissioned Artwork
foreverr bride body art
High Tracie Eaton Commissioned Artwork
Vue Commissioned Artwork Tracie Eaton
Pitbull Tracie Eaton Artwork
Hirum Artwork Commission Tracie Eaton
Cherry Blossoms Commissioned Artwork
Creative Experience Tracie Eaton Artwork

Other Tracie Eaton Artworks

Original Art

Original Artwork

Experience the beauty you deserve through the expression, the texture, the colour & the contrast of Tracie Eaton Original Artwork.

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Tom Hanks poster

Body Painting

Whether it be for yourself or an upcoming event, body painting is eye-catching, empowering and unique.

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dresses wearable art

Wearable Art

One-off gowns designed, hand creafted & painted uniquely for you, ensuring you shine bright at your next event.

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