Body Art…an Experience Never Forgotten…

Until I began my Emergence project, I had never been body painted.  I had always thought it was cool, but never brave enough to try it.  If that sounds like you…I so get that!

So many women, particularly if you are going through a life change…kids leaving home, you want to reinvent yourself, you want to change jobs…you want to look in the mirror & love who you are.  All these changes require you to feel full of worth…full of confidence with a true belief & acceptance in what you are & can achieve.

Well….the experience of being body painted is like nothing you have experienced before.  Lets face it…it sounds scary.  You are wearing only a g-string (you can wear a flesh coloured bra if more comfortable), so you are standing nearly naked in front of people…for at least 5 hours.  And, possibly, you will be like that in public if you want photos taken in nature to remember the day.

However, the freedom…the joy…the self love you begin to feel throughout the painting process is something that stays with you forever!

Body Art is an expression of who you are.  It is not only an awesomely fun day, but a day that will change how you see yourself.  The experience of body painting is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.

Your Body Painting Experience…

Tracie Eaton offers unique day packages that transform you into something magical.  After an initial chat, together a decision is made about what is going to be painted.  Tracie then lets her intuition & creativity take over, so when you arrive on the day of your painting experience, your beauty & her creativity are combined to create your vision.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what you want painted on your body.  Tracie will help guide with this.  All you need to think about is arriving with no make-up, an expectation of having a great time & a realization that at the end of the day you will feel incredible!

To record this process of change for you, Tracie Eaton does offer the opportunity to have photographs taken throughout the day, culminating in a mini photo shoot.  You will walk away with beautiful images you can treasure forever.

This is an all day experience, so booking times fill up very quickly.  Tracie Eaton is passionate about helping women to see & feel the beauty & power that you have.  Take this opportunity to honor yourself….embrace fun & the power of being a woman!

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