Bump to Bub

Art Honoring Pregnancy

Exquisite Body Art Painted Live

Bump to Bub is an event created to provide information, support and advice for expecting and new Mum’s. The founder – Jade Read approached me in 2018 to be the featured artist for this event. The intention – to create a unique brand experience, along with an artwork that showcased and honored pregnancy. Immediately the idea of body painting a pregnant woman came to mind.

What was important during the creation process of the design for this body art was to ensure that the vision of Bump to Bub was evident. My model was 32wks pregnant at time of painting, so it was also critical to ensure the design of the art was comfortable and worked with her belly shape. Interestingly, holding fittings for the gown that was integral to the design was not possible until the week prior, due to the changing size and shape of my model’s figure.

The gown was created over a 3wk period, with the corset component hand beaded to create the very feminine design I was looking for.

The painting of the body needed to bring the corset and gown together – essentially creating a painted bodice. This also needed to occur within a 3 1/2hr window to ensure the body art was completed during the event with photo shoot opportunity to follow.


Bump to Bub Art
Artist Live Performance Bump to Bub
Artist Live Performance Bump to Bub


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