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Commercial Art Projects

Your brand. Your vision. Your new artwork communicates who you are to your target audience.

Art for Acommodation & Tourism Developments.

Tracie Eaton specialises in the creation of unique original artworks and fine art reproductions for developers designing & building residential developments and tourist accommodation developments.

Additionally, Tracie Eaton and the team provide Art Consultancy and full end to end project management for tourist accommodation developments. This service includes but is not limited to:

Scoping of project
Concept Design
Budget Creation and ongoing management
Procurement, manufacture, commissioning of artwork, sculptures, local artifacts
Storage and Delivery
Oversee of Installation or provision of Full Installation Team
Tracie understands the need of residential developments and Tourist Accommodation developments to showcase that something extra to the market. And the necessity to produce & deliver product within a specific time frame.

Installing visually & energetically stimulating artworks into an environment creates a long lasting impression. Of your brand, of your development.

Tracie Eaton’s creative process ensures she clearly understands the unique points of your development. And this, her knowledge of colour psychology and creating or procuring the right artwork for your environment, Tracie Eaton helps communicate your brand vision to your target audience.

You can be guaranteed the artworks completed for your space will absolutely enhance and in fact, create, the environment and feeling you require.

Tracie works in collaboration with any interior designers, decorators, or stylists you engage when required. And if you have not yet hired these professionals, Tracie will recommend trusted suppliers of these services to you. We offer commercial interior services across Australia including Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth and Sydney.

Tracie Eaton Studio Easel

Tracie Eaton – Inspired Creativity

Tracie Eaton has been creative her entire life.  Always searching for something new, something different to experience.  Always finding ways to bring her interpretation of the world to life.

And with a mantra of “Be Bold, Be Brave, be Brilliant”, it is no wonder that Tracie looks at life with openness and a willingness to live in an all or nothing fashion.  There is no belief in a Plan B.  Instead, Tracie  choses a path, and embraces it enthusastically & whole-heartedly.

Her expresssive painting style is the embodiment of how she sees & lives life. Passionate, layered, immersed & drawing in bold colour, allowing the flow of the creative process to take her where the artwork needs to go.

Painting professionally since her 30’s Tracie Eaton dedicates her time to exploring new ways to enhance her craft & connect wtih her audience through artwork and creativity.

Colour is More than Decor

Certified in Occupational Therapy & Colour Psychology, Tracie Eaton brings a depth of understanding about colour and it’s impact to her creativity.

Colour creates immense energy, evoking a subconscious emotive response. Ofthen one that can be a catalist for change.  As does art.

By incorporating this into her artworks Tracie creates striking, luxurious artworks that revolutionise any space.  And when painting a commissioned artwork, this knowledge brings your feelings, your vision to life.

colour psychology
Tracie Eaton VIP Events

Events & Exhibitions

Tracie Eaton holds exclusive solo exhibitions to release new body’s of work, along with live & online art auctions to invest in her coveted artworks.  Additionally, Tracie is engaged for strategic charity or corporate events.

To discuss booking Tracie Eaton for your event please email joanne@zanthii.com.


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