Original Art Adds Energy to a Workspace

HQGC is a shared office and studio space run by CEO Brett McCallum.  The company recently expanded into a new premise.  With neutral colour tones throughout, the vision was to create a very energetic, engaging space.  With different ‘zones’, for different people.

The open plan nature of the room that is used for shared desks meant the creation of different energies needed to occur with the use of differing colours on the walls.

Abstract artwork was the preferred choice to ensure the colour pallet was what stood out, as opposed to the image itself.

Following discussions with the client, it was confirmed that a series of 4 unique artworks were to be created.  The colour tones incorporated into the series, along with the energetic resonance of each, were:

  1. reds, oranges and yellows – high energy, action, passion, joy, activation, motivation, creativity, change
  2. blues, aqua – solid, trusted, communication, protection, nurturing, honest, leadership, living in the moment, influencing
  3. greens, gold – calm, renewal, balance, money, abundance, generosity
  4. pinks, purples – love of self, universal love, intuition, service of others, transformation

It was fabulous to see the transformation of their office space following the installation of all the artworks.  And, also wonderful to hear the team are very satisfied with the difference the art has made:

“On behalf of all the team at HQGC, we’d like to thank you for our beautiful artwork.  Our workspace has been instantly transformed into an inspiring, high spirited work environment.  The bling and sparkle makes us all feel special. 🙂 Thank you again – your work is amazing” – Sarah Falconar.. EA to Brett McCallum.

If you would like more information about how colour and artwork may help you to transform your space, contact the Tracie Eaton team at https://www.tracieeaton.com/contact/

Thanks to HQGC for a fun and creative commercial art project!

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