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Art that Represents Change…Provokes Thought…Challenges Beliefs.

When first asked by the owner of NightQuarter to create an iconic sculpture for their premises…my first thought was…but I am an artist, not a sculptor.  What on earth will I create??

My client had found a fantastic mannequin in a demolition sale…she was sitting in a brilliant pose and was so beautifully feminine.  As soon as I saw her…well..let’s just say…my creativity kicked into gear and my sculpture concept started taking shape!

NightQuarter was looking for something unusual, slightly controversial and definitely something that stood out…that will be remembered and perhaps over time become an image of their brand that not only will people recognise but will be talked about.

The process of creating Magdalene took  3 1/2 weeks. From research, to shopping for props, to painting and creating her design.  I wanted to create an image that blended old world elegance with modern,edgy appearance.  Magdalene was painted in colours that represent femininity, sexuality and self acceptance.  Seated at a wrought iron table setting, cuffed to the chair and dressed in bondage clothing created the contrast I was looking for.

Included in Magdalene’s creation was an evening of live painting so NightQuarter customers could see her come to life.

Magdalene is the story of women.  She represents the changes in female sexuality through the ages, and what society deems ‘appropriate’ and ‘acceptable’ sexual behaviour. A plaque is to be installed next to her, outlining what I consider to be key changes in sexuality over time….and raising a few very important questions for you all to ponder.  One such question is really…how much as society really changed when it comes to acceptable sexuality.  Even though we are bombarded with sexual content in movies, TV, books…what do we really feel comfortable with when confronted in real life with different sexual behaviours to our own?  Judgement in society of what is right and wrong is still very prevalent…even today.

Magdalene has yet to be installed in her final resting place, and prior to this we will be putting a few final touches on her to ensure she is protected against the elements.  We will also be installing the background – including a mirror to showcase her detail.  Check out my Facebook page – Tracie Eaton – Artist for details about the launch event for Magdalene, and come join us and celebrate art, creativity & freedom of expression!

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