Specialist Artist & Art Consultancy for Accommodation and Tourism Developments.

Tracie Eaton specialises in the creation of unique original artworks and fine art reproductions for developers designing & building residential developments and tourist accommodation developments.

Additionally, Tracie Eaton and the team provide Art Consultancy and full end to end project management for tourist accommodation developments.  This service includes but is not limited to:

  • Scoping of project
  • Concept Design
  • Budget Creation and ongoing management
  • Procurement, manufacture, commissioning of artwork, sculptures, local artifacts
  • Storage and Delivery
  • Oversee of Installation or provision of Full Installation Team

Tracie understands the need of residential developments and Tourist Accommodation developments to showcase that something extra to the market. And the necessity to produce & deliver product within a specific time frame.

Installing visually & energetically stimulating artworks into an environment creates a long lasting impression.  Of your brand, of your development.

Tracie Eaton’s creative process ensures she clearly understands the unique points of your development.  And through creating artworks, Tracie Eaton helps communicate your brand vision to your target audience.  You can be guaranteed the original artworks completed for your space will absolutely enhance and in fact, create, the environment and feeling you require.

Tracie works in collaboration with any interior designers, decorators, or stylists you engage when required.  And if you have not yet hired these professionals, Tracie will recommend trusted suppliers of these services to you.

Latest Commercial Projects

Custom Artwork Supply Solutions.

The team at Tracie Eaton are committed to providing bespoke solutions that are created with your particular needs in mind.

Services include (but not limited to):

  • canvas building & framing (no size limit)
  • original artwork
  • fine art reproductions
  • extensive consultation process
  • full installation services
  • full customisation
  • stakeholder liaison
  • PR & media engagement
  • VIP experiences
  • Personal onsite artist engagement during & post installation

The Importance of your Office, Resort or Workspace reflecting your brand.

Your development is a direct and immediate reflection of your brand.  Of who you are as a business and what you represent. It has a need to inspire, to connect, to be visionary.

One key way to achieve this is through the use of colour.  Tracie Eaton uses colour in her artworks very specifically to ensure that your business values are represented by the colours your clients – and your team – see.  This may include using your specific brand colours within the artwork created for you.

Tracie’s Artistic Consultation prior to the painting of your pieces ascertains what requirements you have.  This includes art placement, size and colour tones.  The recommendations following this consultation takes not only your values into consideration, but your interior decor, the community, and the overall theme of your desired environment.

Tracie Eaton is trained in Colour Psychology, Occupational Therapy and fuses this knowledge, with her creativity to achieve the unique, exclusive results her clients value.

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