The Importance of your  Office, Resort or Workspace reflecting your brand.

Your office, commercial premises or resort is a direct and immediate reflection of your brand.  Of who you are as a business and what you represent.

Renovating or Refurbishing your office or commercial premises provides you with the opportunity to ensure your  space reflects the tone, vibe or feeling you want your customers to experience.  One key way to achieve this is through the use of colour.  Tracie Eaton uses colour in her artworks very specifically.  This may include using your specific brand colours within the artwork created for you.

Whether it be your logo incorporated into a painting, or a uniquely created original artwork, Tracie ensures that the right piece is installed to suit your needs.

Tracie’s Artistic Consultation prior to the painting of your pieces ascertains what requirements you have.  This includes art placement, size and colour tones.  Commercial & hospitality premises are designed with a theme in mind.  The recommendations following this consultation takes this theme requirement into consideration.  You can be guaranteed the original artworks completed for your space will absolutely enhance and in fact, create, the environment you require.

Tracie works in collaboration with any interior design Canberra decorators, designers or stylists you engage.  And if you have not yet hired these professionals, Tracie will recommend trusted suppliers of these services to you.