New Paintings & New Energy for Hinkler Drive

Renovating and moving into your new home often means that you want your environment to look and feel better than it ever has.  In the case of my recent client, this meant the strategic use of colour in a variety of rooms to create the ambiance and energy both her and her family needed.  Two unique paintings were created for this commission.

My client works from a home office, and one of the key decisions to hang art in her office was to create a space where she felt motivated to be in.  Because her office was part of the home, and frequently seen by the family and visitors, the colours and image created in the painting also needed to reflect the happy, calm, joyous energy the family have.

Additionally, her brand colours were to be represented in her new painting as well.

This was a fabulous artwork to create.  As a beach lover myself, it was exciting to discover during our initial Artistic Consultation that she too found the beach to be her calm and ‘happy place’.  Using a combination of washes and pours we created the illusion of a breaking wave.  Having sky in the background created an aspect of depth which was critical for my client.