• Steves and James together scaled - "In Your Face Colour" - A Private Art Commission

Colour Takes Priority in a Commissioned Artwork

It was a joy to be told by a client that they wanted paintings created for their home, that was ‘In your face colour’. Now, being an artist that LOVES bold colours, I immediately knew this would be a super fun project.

My clients home is already full of bright splashes of all colours.  In particular however was strong oranges and blue.  One of their prize artworks was an oil paint portrait of James Dean.  This has been hanging in my clients home for some time, and not something that he wanted to part with.

After discussions, it was decided this piece would actually become the focal point of artworks in the lounge room area.  One wall had been separated by windows into three sections, perfect for hanging artworks.  And so began the process of designing and creating two very colourful artworks to be hung on each side of James Dean, all canvas’s to be the same size.

One of my first priorities was to colour match the blue that was used in the James Dean painting exactly.  This colour became the focal point colour in the pieces I created.  The blue was created by mixing 3 x different blues, along with blue-green and white.  I have named this colour “James Dean Blue”! 🙂 Additionally, I then colour matched the remaining colours to be used to the brightly coloured rugs that are used in the same space.

The artworks were painted at the same time, I wanted to ensure they worked as a set, as well as apart.

Multiple layers were painted to create the finished look.  I often share photos with my clients of their artwork in progress.  On this occassion we all decided against this.  And, as you can see from the image to the right…for someone wanting colour – I think that seeing the first few layers devoid of colour may well have caused concern!

Needless to say, the pieces were completed and installed, resulting in a happy client and a very colourful room! Images of the final artworks are below! And – a first for me – I have not named these paintings.  Instead, tasking this to my client to ensure the integrity and feelings that these paintings represent for him, are incorporated into the name.

Thank you to Steve for the opportunity to create such a fun, energetic piece for you.  Long may they continue to bring you smiles and joy when you look at them.

painting in progress 458x1030 - "In Your Face Colour" - A Private Art Commission
Steve final installation 1030x681 - "In Your Face Colour" - A Private Art Commission
STeves drying 579x1030 - "In Your Face Colour" - A Private Art Commission
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