Creative Immersion for Improved Business Results.

When most people thing about creativity, the image of an artist, musician or actor comes to mind.  However, in reality the most successful companies have an intrinsically creative mindset & culture.  Creativity can be defined as a process of forming a new idea, gaining insight or  problem solving in an imaginative way rather than through a logical way.  An imaginative approach to business helps set you apart.  You are a leader, an innovator.

And this is where it gets interesting…creative thinking means taking risks.  And this is where many people hesitate.  Fear of the unknown is a powerful limiter..after all…you might fail.  An artist uses the unknown, uses taking risks every day in their creative process.  Being comfortable thinking in a creative way means being comfortable with…and trusting that the most extraordinary results can occur when you step away from what it is you know.

By the strategic use of colour and particular artistic techniques,  the Creative Immersion Experience takes you and your team on a journey that is game changing.  From personal assessment to implemention of learnings…Expectations, judgement, and stepping out of your comfort zone….all of these limiting behaviours will be challenged.

All you need to to is turn up…be present…be prepared to be a person and a business that leads.

Benefits of Creativity in Business…

In 2014 a study performed by Adobe & Forrester Consulting identified 82% of companies believe there is a strong correlation between creativity and business results, including increases in revenue and market share.

But…only 11% of respondents felt their current practices were sufficiently creative.  Wow!

Creativity leads to innovation. Both help a business florish.  How?

– A team of creative thinkers produce ideas & solutions to work on tasks & problems

– There is greater team collaboration…leading to higher productivity

– Improved morale…greater ability to attract & retain staff

– You stop thinking….you just chill and feel your way through what you are creating

– Out of the box thinking…creates your competitive edge

You & your team will arrive for your immersion day – dressed expecting to have paint splashes on you….Tracie teaches you key pouring techniques, basic colour theories & colour matching.  You all leave covered in paint with a sense of achievement, that anything is possible.

Suspend judgement & encourage new ideas.  Who knows where it will take your business.

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