embracing your power 700x1024 - Emerging Through Adversity

We have two choices in life….

We can choose to see the hard, the tough, the negative aspects of situations…and let that energy envelop us so that we continue to be held back by our fears


We can choose to see the hard, but allow that challenge to create action within us…to create momentum to refocus us on the very thing that motivates us in life…turn that energy into something that propels us forward.

Throughout my life, I have had times when both of these choices have been made.  I have spent time sitting with my challenges, my sadness.  I have allowed these emotions to dictate my behaviour and consequently my results.  Of course, negative results have only then reinforced my negative emotional state…therefore create a belief.

The thing is…when do you cease to hit your head against the brick wall because you realise it is hurting.  When do you decide that your behaviours and your reactions to circumstances need to change.  It’s never too late to change.

There comes a point when it is time to step into your true power.  For me that time is now.

At the age of 44yrs, the realisation is clear….it is time to live a life of intent.  It is time to stay focused on ‘why’ I am living as I do, and what amazingly positive impact choosing to live and work with my passion has on not only my life but that of others.

As an artist, every day I tap into how I am feeling.  It’s essential…to create a painting with no feeling is, well, impossible.  It does mean that for my artwork, my business, and for me to continue to progress I have developed the understanding and skill that we need to recognise what is happening in our world at any given time, identify how you feel abut it,  if the energy around that serves us & helps us achieve our goals…then take appropriate action.

And more often than not that means ensuring that your emotions do not drive your decisions, that you feel them, then let them go so you can move on.

Following a passion does not mean that the journey is not without challenge.  Even in the midst of me coordinating my next cultural event Emergence…we run into roadblocks.  And ones we do not foresee.  Does that mean we are not on the right track?  Hell no.  It simply means that we address the challenge, and move on….the bigger picture is more important than some tiny little pothole in the road.

As Seal says “in a world full of people – only some learn to fly. Is that not crazy”….don’t let day to day challenges stop you from reaching your true potential.  Fly…as high and as strong as you can…without restraint.

I knew that my Emergence Event would be a journey in of itself.  What I did not foresee is the very many, all-encompassing lessons and moments along that way that are helping me not only shape the artwork I am creating but also highlighting the person that I am.

That this Emergence journey would be so representative of the journey we all need to take to be successful in business…and in life.

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