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The Creative Entrepreneur

I have never considered myself an Entrepreneur…until now.  I spent 20 years of my successful career within Corporate Sales roles, working for someone else.  Yes, achieving targets, yes…retaining clients and continuing to expand their business’s.  But..and entrepreneur?  I was not one to be highly creative at work…in fact, I believed creativity was not something that was sustainable & certainly  not something to take seriously.  Action and intellect was.  I problem solved, I did my job, I was successful.  However, my creativity was squashed.  I had this belief that success in business was more about achievement through ‘expected action’ rather than achievement through valuing your differences…and using creativity to find new and innovated ways to achieve results.

Until I burnt out…left work, traditional beliefs and allowed my creativity to shape my business ventures.  And never more so now, when the fusion of business and creativity has never been more apparent. I embraced my artistic ability, redirected by business focus to become an full time artist and found new and innovative ways to use this to inspire individuals and business’s alike to invest in their own creative genius.

Through looking at business through a creative lens, I see that that possibilities are endless.  This relates not just to products or services, but how we engage with customers, staff, and suppliers & networks.  Creativity in business becomes the cornerstone of your culture.  It shapes your brand, how to go to market, the messages you deliver…and ultimately.. your financial success.

Is it an easy road? No.  Is there are greater risk of failure or making mistakes?  Totally.  Do you come across people who will attempt to negate your efforts & put them down? Probably.  But is that not what Entrepreneurship is…the fusion of creativity and the ability to take risks for greater success?

Transferring the confidence to embrace creativity in your business is one of my key business strategies…and drivers.  Particularly when it comes to women.  I spoke to a business colleague recently regarding the unfortunate fact that many women do not put their hand up in corporate business.  Are less likely to say ‘Hey…I am damn good at this, and I have an idea that we need to discuss’, ‘I am the person for this promotion’.  Is that one of the reasons why we have less women in leadership roles?  Are we hindered by our self belief, our fear of stepping out of the traditional expectations of business and embracing what is inherent in us?

Through developing my own artistic business, through pushing boundaries and ‘doing it different’, through creating unique services that target the very corporate culture that hinders creativity, it is my intention that team by team, people feel comfortable with the action of accepting mistakes, giving things a go, letting go of the fears of expectation & judgement.    So much so that the core of my business is, through my affiliation with Opportunity International Australia is to donate funds to educate and empower women in establishing their own business – making a new, independent and sustainable life. For every painting I create or Creative Immersion Day I faciliate – another business is funded.

Create the life you desire.  Own your reality, own your strengths, own your challenges.  And allow yourself to be the person in business that speaks out…that tackles challenges head on in a different way…that takes a less walked path.  You never know where it will lead. You don’t have to.  You only need faith that through creativity you can achieve great things.

Let your creativity become how you interact with the world and let your Entrepreneurial spirit fly!

To feel inspired to find your own unearthed creativity, join me on Friday 19th at Emergence….a business and artistic fusion…

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