Custom Artwork means a Painting Created Personalised to You.

Working with Tracie Eaton to create a Custom Artwork is a personal & special experience you will always remember.  Tracie specialises in the process fusing your vision with her creativity.  Together, you create a fully Customised Artwork that no-one else will ever have.

It is such a luxurious feeling when you are engaged in an experience that has you as the focus.  You will be taken on a journey of discovery.  From speaking with Tracie about colour, your space, your life, what mood you wish to create.  You are presented with concepts for your Custom Artwork, and involved in every step of the creating process.

It is a moment to be celebrated when your new, unique and original artwork is hung. It feels incredible.  And Tracie is there to share the unveiling experience with you. If you are looking for commissioned artists in Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth or Brisbane, Contact now!

“I am very happy with the finished picture and I get comments on it as well, all positive.  About the actual process from order to delivery, you were great.  You kept me fully informed as to stage the painting was at, forwarding emails with photos.  Then you arranged for me to visit and view the painting which I think was really valuable as we discussed a couple of changes that have made real difference to end result.  Finally the installation was very professional.

Could not recommend you enough.”

Recent Commissions.