Empowering women through body art & the creative process

Empowerment on all levels

Emergence is an exhibition of a large body of work that embraces vulnerability.  The ‘Emergence’ concept was born from a desire to showcase the beauty & strength of vulnerability, the beauty of women and the power of the creative process.

Tracie Eaton made the decision to become her artwork.  Instead of painting her creations on canvas, she became the canvas.  Essentially, ‘Emergence’ is a self-reflection of the many stages and phases of life.  Of the the emotions experienced, the joy and the challenges.

And most importantly to Tracie Eaton ‘Emergence’ reflected her own journey to owning and celebrating the person she is.

That is is time for us all to emerge – to step into the person you want to be, to create your life how you want to live it, & inspire others to do the same.

As Seal says “in a world full of people – only some learn to fly. Is that not crazy”….don’t let day to day challenges stop you from reaching your true potential. Fly…as high and as strong as you can…without restraint.

And it is these messages that flowed through the creations exhibited during the ‘Emergence’ event.

To reinforce the message of self acceptance and empowerment attendees were suprised with 6 women being body painted live by 6 established Gold Coat Artists – Rebecca Cunningham, Dean Cogle, Dion Parker, Llwellyn Skye, Kylie Finlay and Ana Diaz Severiche.


The Artwork…

Art Feeling of Freedom
Original Art Enchantment
Original Art Appreciation of the Beauty
Art Calming Your Fears
Original Art Freedom
Original Art Fragmented
Tracie Eaton Original Art Focused
Original Artwork Being Present
Tracie Eaton Original Art Feminus
Peace Original Artwork
Art Peaceful Contemplation
Tracie Eaton Original Artwork

The Event…

Modern Artist Emergence Exhibition
Artist Emergence Exhibition
Eaton Modern Artist
Artist Emergence Exhibition


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