Emergence…a creative journey

Today marked a day to remember, with the shooting of my first creative piece in the Emergence Project ‘Raw Vulnerability’.  Emergence is a project created out of a need to step into the essence of who I am.  Emergence is a project about showing women that we are strong, beautiful and AMAZING.. no matter age, shape, personal circumstance.  It is about shouting from the rooftops that it is time for us all to follow our heart.

Over the next 8 months I will become my art.  Instead of painting the creations in my head, my creations will be body painted on me.  I am the canvas!!!  Not being able to do this alone I am collaborating with two fabulous, like minded people – Suzi Dent (makeup artist extraordinare & awesome woman!) and Bruce Coulter (super photographer & creative genius!). Together, we intend to create beautiful pieces of art that will culminate in an emergence experience for you all.  All our shots will have nature & connection as an underlying theme.  There is no better place to find peace than in the beauty that surrounds us.

All our creations will be held on locations throughout the Gold Coast.  We live in an amazing part of the world and we want to show it off!  Today’s locations was deep in the Tallebudgera Valley…serene, secluded (well apart from the odd cyclist or two…or three) :-).  I don’t think they were expecting us there by the shocked expressions on their faces!!! 🙂  No mobile reception…..just us and nature.

Emergence of an artist…

I have been in sales and business for 20 years, with a silent yearning to create.  Over the years my artistic nature shone through…in fact the first time I really painted was after I walked away from a corporate career, suffering serious burn-out. Strolling past an art store it hit me…..I want to be an artist!! So…for 2 1/2 years, that is what I did…painted.  Selling art, loving every second of it.  But I wasn’t ready…I had a nagging voice in my head saying…I’m not good enough…this isn’t practical, this is not a career… stop wasting time. I went back into business.

Fast forward 7 years….and here we are.  Emergence represents me stepping into the creative person I am and wholly embracing this.  It is me shedding the masculine corporate skin I have been wearing for so long. It is about embracing the power of the feminine & stepping up.

Emergence of Women…

Like may women I meet, my life has had times where I really did not like myself too much.  I’ve felt disrespect, loss of self-power, been through unwanted & soul-damaging experiences.  Inside me was this strong, raw, passionate person.  Someone who loves people, embraces life, who is positive, fun and awesome.  Yet, experiences throughout my life told me to squash this, to not truly shine, to be ashamed.  Not to be myself…to not be vulnerable…to hide.  Well….no more ladies!!  At 43 yrs old it is time to show all women out there that you are fabulous, you are sexy, you are intelligent…you are beautiful….YOU ROCK!  You are never too young or too old to love ALL parts of you and to allow your beauty to shine.  It’s time for you to emerge as the woman you want to be…whatever that means for you.

Emergence of Connection…

In an increasingly disconnected world, we are lacking the very thing that humans crave…connection.  I heard on the radio last year that the Gold Coast Lifeline received over 1 million calls in that year.  Insane!!!  Have we lost our ability to connect with others.. our empathy, the ability to reach out, to hug, to touch. Through my digital marketing business I teach people how to build relationships, to connect with an audience.  Art helps us all connect with our emotions, to share experiences.  Emergence is about creating a bond between you, nature, and the community. Bring it on I say!!!

Suzi, Bruce and I want you to share in this creative process. We will be photographing & videoing all aspects of our creativity, giving you live, raw and unedited peek into the creation of each piece. We would love you to get involved, share your thoughts…you are as much a part of the Emergence Project as we are.

Book your tickets now to the Emergence Showcase!!  Only 300 tickets to this most incredible event.
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  1. 0591e51eddf2370b36bc2ff09abec9e4?s=60&d=blank&r=pg - Welcome to Emergence
    Sharee Campbell says:

    Your creative courage is
    only by your commitment
    to supporting
    the strength
    of femininity in all
    it’s valuable vulnerability;
    and miraculous magnitude.
    {deep bow}
    Much respect to you Tracie

  2. 8e9265dfa25c7bc18d57c10d873bb82d?s=60&d=blank&r=pg - Welcome to Emergence
    Mike Collett says:

    OMG stunning how well would they print! Normally not my style but the contrast between earthy and metallic almost liquid mechanical is extrodinary.
    Mesmerising and thought provoking is what I think/feel.
    Love it!!

    • f3a7397a7ef79b151d9f4f9d5946eca9?s=60&d=blank&r=pg - Welcome to Emergence
      admin says:

      Thank you Mike! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love how it has made you feel. It was an incredible experience & I look forward to sharing the edited images with you. 🙂


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