connection 1030x1030 - Dis-ConnectDis-Connect: An Artistic Project Celebrating True Human Connection

In a world of increasing disconnect – it is time we remembered.

  • Remembered who we are & what is important
  • Remembered how to connect with ourselves and each other
  • Remembered howto connect with community, culture & nature.

Through the use of technology and social media, the way we connect has changed.  Deep & true human connection is an instinctive need in all of us & it is disappearing from our lives.

The incidence of bullying, mental health challenges, loneliness and suicide is on the rise.  Happiness in many peoples lives is now governed and judged by external validation, such as material possessions & the number of likes, follows or shares we get on social media.  And this is often by people we have never met.

So it is time we remembered what deep connection feels like, embraced the beauty, joy, the energy in the many forms of connection we are exposed to.

Dis-Connect fuses video, visual arts, writing & film and begins in August 2019, with an exhibition and sale of works in October 2020 and short film release in 2021 following the project’s journey and outcome.

Throughout the 12 months of the Dis-Connect journey you will connect with intimate stories of people who are deeply connected in some way in their lives.

You will connect with the interaction between model and artist, as Tracie Eaton uses the inspiration of the stories shared to create exquisite & original artworks.

You will connect with the emotions that each story and each art piece bring up in you.

Dis-Connect is a project that reminds us that life is so FULL of incredible moments & incredible people.  That people are people – regardless of culture, race, gender, sexuality or social position.  We all have one key thing in common – the need to connect and belong.  It is what makes us human.

The People…Their Stories…Their Connection.

Tracie Eaton

About Tracie Eaton.

Tracie Eaton is an international artist & author.  Tracie Eaton specialises in the creation of custom mixed media, modern artworks.

The inspiration behind the Dis-Connect project comes from her own life experiences.  This includes her instinctive need to create, that was ignored for many years, resulting in significant health issues that bought this need to the forefront of her life.

Tracie Eaton artworks are highly sought after globally, due to her unique painting style.  Tracie Eaton has always been interested in how we all connect with ourselves & others , and what blocks us from doing this.  Her experience with colour psychology, occupational therapy and her instinctive ability to connect with others ensures her artworks are highly energetic and elicit strong emotion from all who view them.

Tracie Eaton is excited to bring the Dis-Connect project to life that not only brings exquisite collectible artworks to the world, but raises awareness of the deteriorating state of human connection we now find ourselves experiencing.

Dis-Connect is an international project, with the exhibition in 2020 being held on the Gold Coast, Australia.  You can participate with Dis-Connect through all social channels.  Tracie Eaton welcomes your comments and engagement, and looks forward to chatting with you.

If you would like to be one of the inspiring people who are an integral part of Dis-Connect,  or would like to know more contact Tracie Eaton and her team today.

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