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Exclusive Art for Hollywood Celebrities

For the third year running Tracie Eaton has been requested as the Exclusive Artist to provide artworks for gift bags given to celebrities to celebrate their 2021 Oscar Nomination.  Each year it is a pleasure to identify who the recipients of her artwork will be. Tracie Eaton is thrilled to be able to reward the celebrities success with provision of modern artworks from Australia.

With Covid-19 certainly having an impact on the arts industry, many were unsure whether celebrations would continue in 2021. However it is fantastic to see that The Academy Awards (Oscars) ceremony will continue for 2021 so ensuring actors, actresses, directors and crew will once again be recoginsed as top in their craft.

This year does see a delayed announcement and Oscars presentation show, with final nominees not due for release until March 15th, the Oscars event held on 25th April 2021.

The process for selecting artworks to complete this body of works is extensive.  And this year has been no exception.  There is an ongoing ‘Oscars focus’ by Tracie Eaton when she is painting original artworks.

It finalise what paintings are used to create the body of works for The Oscars Collections, Tracie Eaton reviews & researches each celebrity in line for nomination, and selects a painting from artworks completed, that she believes reflects them or their movie role.  This original artwork is then used to create Fine Art Reproductions.  Each Reproduction (print) is then meticulously hand embellished by Tracie Eaton.

The celebrity is gifted these Fine Art Reproductions, delivered to their private homes, at the time of the Oscars, to celebrate their Oscar & career success.

The result is always a range of artworks that not only reflect the times, but creates a range of celebrity artwork gifts that are bold, unique and make a statement.  A range that gives a sense of celebration and luxury the Oscars nominees deserve.

All Original artworks included within The Oscars Collection 2021 and used to create the gifted Fine Art Reproductions are being sold at an exclusive Live Auction being held on Saturday 1st May 2021. Online Auction bids will be available and accepted during the live event. This is your opportunity to own the original painting that your favourite celebrity has been gifted a reproduction of.

The Oscars Collection 2021 Artworks

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Contact Tracie Eaton and her team to discuss any pre-auction orders.  To confirm a purchase prior to the auction, full payment of the stated purchase price of the painting is required. Please confirm your intent to purchase one of the artworks using the form below.

To confirm your intent to place a pre-bid on a piece prior to the auction, contact the team using the form below.  Any bids that do not reach reserve price of the piece will not be accepted.

We look forward to sharing with you soon the celebrity recipients of Tracie Eaton Artworks for 2021.

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