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Fish Tank Wall Restoration

From the moment we started discussing options to paint around a fish tank in my clients home, we knew this would be not only a fun project to be involved in, but would give awesome results.

Tracie Eaton’s clients have a beautiful waterfront property with high ceilings and lots of natural light. In the centre of their home is a large wall that houses a significant sized fish tank. The tank itself is lovely, however Tracie’s clients did want to get rid of the brown wall that surrounded the tank. And so began conversations about what options there was available to them to turn the entire wall into a statement piece of it’s own.

Though consultations with Steve & Nancy, it became apparent that we create an abstract underwater scene that would encapsulate the tank. It was important that the image painted not be too detailed as this would detract from the fish tank itself. However, it needed to be engaging enough that it would draw your eye and engage all who sees it.

The neutral wall colour provided a great background for a burst of ocean colours. Incorporating red tones into the base of the artwork was essential to seamlessly bring in the red leather lounge suite in the same room as this wall.

The process to create this artwork started with the painting of an original artwork – designed specifically for my clients and their space. All colour tones were chosen to compliment their existing artwork and bring consistency of look and feel to the centre of the home.

Following further discussions Tracie did recommend that we not paint directly onto the wall, but rather paint an original painting that we then reproduce directly onto commercial grade wallpaper. This ensured that it could be wiped down without damaging the image.

The result, following installation is fantastic. Careful attention has been paid to ensure colour matching and finishing of all cupboard sides to the artwork feels seamless. The cupboards almost disappear, which is perfect as they do not interrupt the viewing of the finished painting.

The fish tank has been bought to life even more with the installation of artwork around it. The colours are peaceful, calming whilst still being energetic & vibrant.

Congratulations Steve & Nancy for choosing to invest in an incredibly unique & successful decor concept. Long may this artistic installation continue to bring you joy! xx


Artist Fish Tank
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Fish Tank Wall Art


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