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Exquisite Body Art Painted Live

Finding a way to stand out from the crowd is a common problem in business. As business owners…we know what our brand represents. We know what perception we want the market to have of who we are. But, sometimes, finding the right imagery, icon…something that is totally unique for your brand, can be really difficult.

When Tracie Eaton met Marie and Dave from Forever & Ever Weddings this was exactly their challenge.

They were in the process of creating a new business…Wedding Expos with a very unique concept & run like a festival and it required branding imagery that was out of the box.  So…to fix the problem, we painted a wedding dress onto a bride.

This was a brilliant project to be involved in. So much fun! The body art portion of this dress took 6 1/2hrs paint time. To complete the dress, Tracie Eaton designed & handmade the skirt & headgear from a variety of fabrics.

To create textures the use of feathers, pearls and diamonds were glued onto the fabric…and onto the brides body.

The bodice of the dress was completely painted on. The fine lace detail created an incredibly feminine, delicate and elegant bodice. The ‘mesh’ look of the bodice was created using three different glitters.

The result…an incredibly beautiful dress, with imagery that absolutely showcases the elegance that my client was looking for…in a way that ensured unique branding. 

So don’t forget to think creatively when it comes to producing something for your brand that helps you to stand out…and if you need help to do that…don’t hesitate to contact Tracie Eaton. You never know what fabulous and interesting things we will come up with that showcases your business as premier, innovative and progressive company!


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