Seasons of Change – Art & Inspiration to Create an Abundant Life

The four seasons come and go, as do moments in our lives.  And from one season to another, things change.  In fact, one of the few constants in life is change.

The release of the Tracie Eaton product range Seasons of Change – Inspirations reflects the changing moods, the changing colours and the changing energies of each season as it happens.  And how this relates to us.

Starting with the colours and moods of AUTUMN Tracie Eaton has created 7 inspirational quotes or affirmations fused with Fine Art Reproductions of Tracie Eaton Originals.   7 is the number of change so it is apt that 7 new inspirations are created every season of the year to help inspire you for the months ahead.  Each seasonal range will be released on the 1st day of the new season.

Be inspired by the colours of every season.  Be inspired to live in joy.  Be inspired to live your best life.

Mounted in high-gloss crystal, each acrylic painting is displayed with a stunning 3-D feel.  The crystal mounting creating shine, depth and an additional appeal.

Embracing AUTUMN.

The Seasons of Change AUTUMN series is created to inspire you to live with abundance in all things.  To decide to take what you desire from life – without hesitation.

Using the colours of gold, orange, red…with a touch of deep blue and aqua the Season of Autumn is all about being BOLD, living without limits, taking action and accepting love.

Whether it be as a gift for your clients, to hang or display in your offices or home, or as a gift for someone you care about, the Seasons of Change range will inspire you, will connect you and absolutely have you seeing the beauty and impact of colour in a way you may never have before.