Overcome Challenges…Creation Flows

My second Emergence photo shoot – ‘Grounded in the Beauty of Connection’ was one that was surrounded by challenge.  Quite apt actually considering the intention.  This shoot for me represented the ability to remain grounded and connected with nature, connected with your core….whilst at the same time being free and confidently in tune with yourself to totally follow your passion.

The journey of the Emergence project has seen a change of photographers and make-up artists, which occurred between the first and second shoots.  I am most truly grateful for Suzi Dent and Bruce Coultre’s expertise, support and input during the early stages of the Emergence Project and the Raw Vulnerability shoot…it confirmed for me my absolute desire to create something no one has seen before..and in a way that showcases women so beautifully.

What transpired following this shift however has been nothing short of amazing…and truly congruent with my Emergence message.

My dearest friend & sister-in-law agreed to assist me.  Sharon Hawker is an incredible artist and photographer, and making the decision to fly her to the Gold Coast for my photo shoots and be a part of this project has been amazing.  This second shoot was a chance for us both to create together…something we have never done before even though we have both been artists for a long time.  I feel this is giving Sharon an opportunity to also step back into her genius, with passion, confidence and support. Thank you Sharon.  You truly are beautiful. xx

Finding Your Strength…Being Present…

The prep for ‘Grounded in the Beauty of Connection’ was a long & exciting process…from creating all props prior to the day to of course doing my hair, & painting myself in collaboration with Sharon.  She was most useful…particularly when I could no longer paint due to not wanting to crack the work we had already done!!!  A total of 7 1/2 hrs to get me ready to be photographed. Then a 2 hr photo shoot….

Most challenging for me was that for the 2wks prior to this photo shoot was that I had been unable to walk due to a back injury….this totally threw me and I needed to rethink all aspects of how this shoot was to take place.  It was important to me that photos were taken in nature, however, I was unable to get into the car because of my back. In part too because of the height of my hair!!!!!!! 🙂  🙂

So…in the manner of creativity, we looked at what we could use within walking distance from my studio.  So many beautiful spots I had stopped seeing….and a great reminder to not forget to truly look and appreciate everything around you!! 🙂

And with my injury still very prevalent, my posing also needed to change from my initial plans.  And all I can say is…Thank Goodness!!  I do believe that the best creations come when you are not thinking…just feeling. And this is exactly where I needed to be in this moment to create the beautiful nymph-like creation that was born.

‘Grounded in the Beauty of Connection’ became a clear reminder for me to just be present, to live and be with exactly where you are…Right Now…and to love, love, love what you do!!!

Creativity Unleashed! Loved every second of this beautiful creation. xxxxxx

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