Finding Solace in Binna Burra 1024x682 - Finding Solace in Binna Burra

Finding Solace in Binna Burra – Commissioned Painting for a Corporate Office Space

Date of Installation: 28th December 2016

The brief for this commission was initially to simply replace an existing framed picture with something that was new and different.  My client works in an office space that has very little natural light, and is very corporate in design and colour.  When we started chatting during our Artistic Consultation, of top priority for me was to understand the energy that my client would like in his office, and of course what he would like his clients to feel when they stepped into his office.

The energy of the office at the time was one of busy-ness.  It was apparent that my client dealt with many situations that may be at times stressful.  So, the first decision we made was to utilise calming colours. Even though blue was the primary colour of the office, it required something more.

On further discussion we identified that rainforests were a place that my client found relaxing, so immediately we both agreed that we bring the rain forest to him.  Perfect colours to relax anyone who looked at it, and an image that he could really relate to.

Not only is green a colour of nature, but it represents hope, peace, passion from the heart.  The many tones and hues we used also meant the painting felt fresh, encouraging balance & compassion.  As a bonus, green is also symbolic of money.

The painting incorporated 5 layers of differing green tones to create the depth and sense of space we were after.  The addition of yellow to the piece ensured a sense of happiness  & joy was also felt.  These combination of colours absolutely brightened his space, the lack of natural light and inability to look outside minimised by being able to look at nature through his painting.

This is a heartfelt piece and one I trust my client will continue to gain a sense of peace from for many years to come.

installing the piece 845x684 - Finding Solace in Binna Burra
close up of rocks 845x684 - Finding Solace in Binna Burra
side view on entry 845x684 - Finding Solace in Binna Burra
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