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Seeing Yourself for the First Time.

You cannot hide from who you are.  It is a very surreal moment when, on opening a delivery you unveil image after image of yourself (18 of them in fact!).  And each time you take a step back to look at the image in front of you….as you would with any art piece…you can critically review and consciously think ‘wow…that is beautiful.  Awesome photo.  She is beautiful’.

And it’s then that you a realise…’she’ – the woman in the photo is you.  That you are beautiful. That you shine.

I have not been one to stare at myself in the mirror for long periods of time.  I have never seen myself as a beautiful woman.  I am just me. In fact for years I spend more time looking and worrying about the parts of me that I didn’t like…that weren’t perfect.  And I saw many. Today…looking at the artwork I have created for Emergence, that totally disappeared.

Emergence has forced me to view myself in a different perspective…to take a step back, to look at each photograph as a artist looks at a piece they are working on.  There is a different emotion in this.  There is no self-judgement…no emotional baggage…no second-guessing.

And what I saw…astounded me.  It was like seeing myself for the first time.  Just an acceptance of what is, and an appreciation for the beauty that is women.  That is me.

When we view ourselves like this (so please…take a good look in the mirror) – almost like in the third person – we see ourselves for who we actually are.  We see ourselves how others see us.

There are no pretenses there…just the raw, vulnerable, passionate & real person that is inside of us, and that more often than not, we either hide or not fully recognise, let alone accept.

Our inner and outer beauty shines through every single day…particularly in those moments when we are connected – in flow. Why…because we cease to worry, to judge, to question.  We just…are.

My question to you is…do you allow it…do you see it…do you see the incredible beauty that is you?

Emergence is allowing me to be confident in ‘exposing’ the reality that is me.  I am grateful that this process helped me to see who I truly am.  I only hope, that by you being a part of Emergence, by being immersed in the feelings of the evening… you see what I see.  That it allows you the freedom & space you need so you too can truly see yourself for the first time.


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