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Art to raise awareness.

Wearable Art using Recycled Materials.

The Malt Shovel Taphouse Sunshine Coast is a company committed to their community. This includes engaging recycling practices within their facility. Living and running a business in a coastal community highlights the increasing destruction caused every day by plastic waste.

When approached by new Sunshine Coast bar The Malt Shovel Taphouse to create and install an artwork live during their VIP Media launch, the idea of creating a gown made from recycled materials came to mind.

The completion and installation of this gown live created not only an engaging visual display, but also a significant talking point. Raising awareness of the need to recycle was exactly what was wanted, and this gown certainly has done that.

Prior to the launch evening, all aspects of the gown needed to be designed and created to ensure that the artwork would be completed within a hr live deadline. It was important to Tracie that each component of the gown was hand-crafted. Materials used for the gown included plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, plastic bottles, electrical cable, bubble wrap and shredded paper. And, to tie in the opening of the new craft beer bar, Tracie also used beer cans from the Lion range that was to be served at the Malt Shovel, for the gowns belt.

Once the under garment and shape of the gown, it was then painted using acrylic paints. The concept of the artwork was that the gown itself was painted to reflect the ocean waters. The headpiece and wild hair represented the sand, sand dunes and trees. Makeup was kept light, with minimal colour and with a strong sheen. This was to represent the strong sunlight that reflects off the sand during the day, and as a contrast to the deep ocean colours.

We live in an incredible part of the world and the created piece was intended to remind people of how beautiful the Australian coastlines are that we must all take responsibility to do our bit to keep it that way, by recycling plastic product.

The gown will continue to be displayed within this business, as an ongoing celebration of our beach lifestyle and reminder of the need to recycle to protect it.
Thanks to my model Bella Baker (@belllla.baker), and to Malt Shovel Taphouse (@maltshoveltaphousesc) for the opportunity to use art as a medium to raise community awareness.

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