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Opportunity logo as an eps  Tracie Eaton is proud to announce her affiliation with Opportunity International Australia.  As an Ambassador of Opportunity, Tracie is providing financial support to those in need at an individual and community level.

Tracie is passionate about inspiring and facilitating change, particularly in the lives of women.  Her affiliation with Opportunity provides one way for Tracie to achieve this in a sustainable and long term capacity.

So…what is Opportunity International Australia?

Opportunity International Australia provides small loans to women and families in developing countries, to help them start a business, earn an income and leave poverty behind.  Whether it be buying a sewing machine to start a tailoring business or seeds to plan a vegetable garden, small loans enable them to change their lives, their children’s lives and ultimately assist in creating a sustainable community.

What is so exciting is that Opportunity does not just provide funds, but is incredibly focused on ongoing education and collaboration.  Opportunity understand the improtance of teaching and empowering through knowledge & education.  The small loan women receive may be the capital required to establish their business, but it is through this ongoing support & education that women grown their business to the point where their lives are transformed.

And, with 98% of loans repaid, there is opportunity for funds to be recycled to another woman.  The impact of funds donated continues year after year.

Opportunity supports individuals & communities in over 20 countries and have been operating for over 40 years.  Opportunity International Australia focus efforts primarily in Africa, India and the Philippines.