Original Art has Feeling.

Original Art is something that adds so much to any environment.  Why? When you buy original art, you are buying a small slice of the artist. When an artist creates something, their emotions are embedded into the piece.  That is one of the reasons why you always FEEL something when you look at a piece of art.

Tracie creates with passion. Her style changes in line with what inspires her at the time.  Sometimes, it is simply colour, other times relationships or nature.  Regardless, when you are looking for a special painting for your home or office, Tracie’s artwork absolutely makes a statement.

When you purchase Original Art from Tracie Eaton, you will be provided with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.  This is to confirm that your new piece is a genuine Tracie Eaton painting.

Each painting is framed in a Gallery Box Mount style (stretched canvas over a wooden frame), and finished to seal all edges. Every piece also comes with necessary installation pieces so they are ready for you to hang.

Original Art pieces will be shipped to your location or delivered & installed at your request. We deliver all over Australia including Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

The Importance of Colour

Colour is healing. Colour can change the energy in any environment.  Tracie Eaton’s original art combines strong colour combinations with texture to create a true 3-D effect.  You will want to touch her pieces, they draw you in.  Original Art that uses colour with healing intention, hanging in your home or office you; your friends, customers or colleagues will not be able to help but comment on how your painting makes them feel.

Tracie has always used colour to help people shift or change how they feel.  Initially through art therapy with children, but also now through statement pieces to redefine rooms.  Original Art provides this shift in energy  immediately on being hung.  The right colours can uplift., stimulate, inspire or relax, calm…even stimulate appetites. Being aware of what you need to achieve in your environment is the first step.  Having a consultation with Tracie to receive assistance with what type of colour combinations to use is the next.

Recent Works

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