Ray White Labrador

A new office, a new painting, a fabulous vibe!

A Birds Eye View

With Ray White Labrador opening a second office, it was important to them that it felt energetic, modern and represented the progression of their business.

The client brief was to create a painting that looked like you were looking down at the earth from the sky, being able to imagine all the twists & turns, the colours and form of land and water.

Additionally, adding the bright yellow of the Ray White brand integrated this painting with the reception.

These concepts formed the basis of the inspiratoin for this painting ‘Fields of Abundance’.

The use of gold within this piece represents their continue growth and success.  the vibrancy of blue was included as this is one of the directors favourite colour.

Overall, this is a very bold, confident addition to their meeting room, representative of not just their brand but of the fabulously vibrant people they are.


Custom Artwork Office painting
Custom Artwork Commercial Commission
Custom Artwork Commercial Commission
Green Garden Custom Artwork close-up
Tracie Eaton Green Custom Artwork
Green Custom Artwork


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