Celebrating Nature

Shaping this newly renovated home into a nature inspired retreat.

Bringing together Ocean and Hinterland Energy

Creating a range of artworks for this Gold Coast family was an honour.  With their entire house being knocked down and rebuilt, they were after a new energy.  And one that reflected all aspects of the things they love in life.

Moving from a single level to multi-level home provided us an opportunity have each area be showcased with unique colours and vibe.

The inspiration behind all the paitnings for the home was the natural beatuy that surrounds the Gold Coast.

The creation of mulitple pieces enabled us to create a seamless flow between the downstairs and upstairs areas.  Between forest and ocean.

Starting with an earthy, forest feeling, the paintings feel as thought hey are alive, growing.  Moving to the sensation of being in a spring garden through to the calm, relaxation vibe of water and sky.

The vibrancy and energy of each of these paitnings has helpd shaped this house into a home full of joy, love and beauty.


Nature Painting


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