The Oscars Collection Artworks

An exclusive commission to create for Hollywood Oscar Nominees and Winners. An opportunity to celebrate creative success.

Celebrating Creative Success

Tracie Eaton was honoured to accept an exclusive 3 year commission (2019-2021) to celebrate artistic success by creating artwork for the nominees & winners of Academy Awards (Oscars). Additionally, Tracie was selected to create artwork to for nominess & winners of the 2019 Golden & the 2018/2019 Australian Logies.

Tracie Eaton is thrilled to showcase Australian art to the world, with her inspiration for all pieces created the Australia land, skies and ocean. A stark and demanding land that holds immense beauty in it’s stength and resiliance.

The orignial artworks painted to create the hand-embellished prints for the Hollywood Celebrites were sold at two different VIP events, one in 2020, one in 2021.

In 2023, Tracie has again been asked, and accepted, to create artworks to celebrate Hollywood celebrites Oscar nominations for the 2023 & 2024 Academy Awards.

Here are a few of the celebrity owners of a Tracie Eaton Artwork…

Tom Hanks poster

Other Tracie Eaton Artworks

Original Artwork

Experience the beauty you deserve through the expression, the texture, the colour & the contrast of Tracie Eaton Original Artwork.

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women making painting


Engage Tracie Eaton to create a customised, unique artwork exclusively for you & your specific requirements.

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dresses wearable art

Wearable Art

One-off gowns designed, hand creafted & painted uniquely for you, ensuring you shine bright at your next event.

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