The Oscars Collection Events

Exclusive Invitation Only Live Art Exhibitions & Auctions for Art Enthusiast’s & Investors.

An Elegant, Luxurious Showcase

The Oscars Collection commissions have solidified Tracie Eaton as being one of Australia’s top in-demand artists to invest in.

To showcase the coveted original artworks used to create the Fine Art Prints provided to Hollywood Celebrites, Tracie Eaton’s ‘Oscars Collection’ events have been nothing short of spectacular.

Tracie Eaton has provided artworks to celebrites since 2019.  Each year her exclusive events thrill, engage and excite the attendees.  

The result of these spectacular evenings is not only the sales of the majoirty of artworks showcased, but additional donations to Tracie’s charity of choice Destiny Rescue

These memorable and engaging events that have gained a strong following within the luxury and art sectors, esnuring that year on year, Tracie Eaton’s coveted artworks continue to be the invetstment of choice for many.




Oscars collection event
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