Wearable Art

Art meets fashion with exquisitely created painted gowns designed to stand out.

Fashion is Art.

And Tracie Eaton’s Wearable Art takes this one step further by fusing fashion & visual arts to create iconic & memorable gowns.

Each gown is meticulously designed, hand-crafted and then painted by Tracie.  Your one-off design gown is inspired by you. You are involved throughout the creation process.

Your gown will be a reflection of you and the event you are attending.

Tracie uses materials she uses to create her original paintings, so your gown truly becomes a Tracie Eaton Original that ensures you will turn heads.

As Harry Winston said…’People will stare.  Make it worth their while’.

Blue Gown Close Up 2 Artist
Black Tile
Blue Gown Tracie Artist
Shoes Tracie Eaton Artist
Blue Gown Tracie Eaton Artist
Bride Close UP 2 Tracie Eaton
foreverr bride body art
Bride Close Up Tracie Eaton Artist
Bride Close up 4 Tracie Eaton Artist
Bride Close Tracie Eaton Artist
Stormy Skies art

Quality Experience

It is essential to Tracie Eaton and her team that you have an experience to remember when investing in her artwork.

This includes everything from the products used in the creation of her pieces, to the delivery, the installation and the engagement with Tracie & her team.

All canvas’s are made in-house to ensure quality control.  Bespoke framing of artworks as required is completed by specialists in this craft.

Your original artwork is provided to you wth a Certificate of Authenticity & Valuation Statement.

And your artwork creates the luxurious, elegant energy in your space that you deserve.  


Contact us to discuss your artwork investment or Original Artwork Commisson today.

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Wearable Art

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